Credited with the creation and clinical development of the first targeted, injectable gene delivery vehicle to be validated in clinical trials — using an active drug delivery platform referred to as Pathotropic (disease-seeking) Targeting and/or XC-(exposed collagen) Targeting — the founders of Counterpoint Biomedica LLC have adaptively engineered this powerful, proven biotechnology platform for the improvement of conventional cancer therapeutics and the emerging field of targeted cancer diagnostics. 

Welcome to Counterpoint Biomedica LLC

Expertise in Tumor-Targeted Drug Delivery

Product Pipeline

Focused sharply on oncology products, the company has developed an extensive and complementary pipeline that creates significant opportunities in terms of combination therapies with the added advantages of targeted drug delivery.

The addition of active tumor targeting to FDA-approved drugs results in a significant reduction in the clinical development costs and timeline, while providing a significant commercial edge in marketing. Moreover, the addition of active tumor targeting enables the approved anticancer agents to perform with even greater therapeutic safety and efficacy, at lower drug doses, in the clinic.

Counterpoint Biomedica LLC is a preclinical stage biopharmaceutical company engaged in Research, Development, and Commercialization of high-value tumor-targeted oncology products. The mission of the company is to enhance the performance of the most widely-used FDA-approved Chemotherapeutic and Biological Agents by the addition of Pro-Active Tumor Targeting, and to apply these proven platform technologies to Cancer Diagnostics and Liquid Biopsies. Founded by two board-certified oncologists and an award-winning scientist from The University of Southern California School of Medicine, Counterpoint Biomedica LLC either owns outright or has gained exclusive patent rights to develop these proprietary tumor-targeting platforms for a wide variety of clinical applications.

Efficient Delivery of Cancer Drugs
 with Pro-Active Tumor Targeting
   Greater Efficacy with Less Toxicity....

Our mission is to improve the clinical performance of widely used chemotherapeutic and biologic anticancer agents.   Based on a Pro-Active Tumor-Targeting Platform,which previously enabled the development and validation of the world's first targeted, injectable gene delivery vehicle, this proven drug delivery platform is now aimed at delivering anticancer agents more actively and selectively to primary and metastatic lesions, thereby improving both the Drug Biodistribution and the

Therapeutic Index:  enabling greater clinical

efficacy to be achieved at lower drug doses,

with less toxicity in the clinic.