Tumor-Targeted Nanoparticles.

Tumor-Targeting of HSA-bound drugs: including the widely used Platinum drugs and Theranostics.

 Product Pipeline

Tumor-Targeted, Taxol-Binding Aptamers: "Smarter" Taxanes.

Tumor-Targeted Cell-Penetrating Polypeptides: "Smarter" siRNAs.

Efficient Delivery of Cancer Drugs
 with Pro-Active Tumor Targeting
   Greater Efficacy with Less Toxicity....

Welcome to Counterpoint Biomedica, LLC

Tumor-Targeted mAb-Binding Aptamers: "Smarter" Antibodies and Checkpoint Inhibitors.

Our mission is to improve the clinical performance of widely used chemotherapeutic and biologic anticancer agents.   Based on a Pro-Active Tumor-Targeting Platform,which previously enabled the development and validation of the world's first targeted, injectable gene delivery vehicle, this proven drug delivery platform is now aimed at delivering anticancer agents more actively and selectively to primary and metastatic lesions, thereby improving both the Drug Biodistribution and the

Therapeutic Index:  enabling greater clinical

efficacy to be achieved at lower drug doses,

with less toxicity in the clinic.

Counterpoint Biomedica, LLC has adapted a proven Tumor-Targeting Platform to enable the major FDA-approved chemotherapies and biologic therapies to work more efficiently by means of tumor-targeted adaptor proteins (called Onco-Aptamers). When added to the final drug formulation, onco-aptamers bind tightly to the cancer drug and then guide the drug-aptamer complexes through the general circulation to primary and metastatic lesions by seeking out abnormal XC-proteins exposed in all cancerous tissues. Through this mechanism, onco-aptamers increase the effective local concentration of the drug within the tumors, thereby enhancing the drug’s efficacy while lessening unwanted side-effects. CPB's Onco-Aptamers benefit cancer patients by enabling the most widely used anticancer agents to perform with Greater Efficacy at Lower Drug Doses, with Less Toxicity in the clinic. Pro-Active Tumor Targeting is accomplished without altering either the chemical composition of the therapeutic agent or the commercial drug manufacturing process.